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24/7 Health Monitoring


Blood Pressure & Diabetes Care

With age come specific ailments, which include blood pressure and diabetes. Some elderly are more prone to one or both of these, but an elderly with high blood pressure is twice likely at a higher risk of diabetes problem. Usually, people with high blood pressure have an increased risk of developing diabetes, and the elderly have to be careful about this. Hence, we at Artha take these two concerns very seriously for its watch over the symptoms and care. With the help of the medical record and feedback from the elderly’s family, it also positions the in-house and visiting Doctors and caregivers to provide even better care.

Some signs include headache, dizziness and vision issues that the caregivers pay close attention to.

With Artha, the complete daycare centre for old age, including for the more extended stay or permanent resident elderly, here the caregivers’ constant watch and monitoring for the elderly that are patients of blood pressure and or diabetes.

senior citizen monitoring
senior home monitoring

Below are some of the ways Artha’s trained and seasoned caregivers provide care for the elderly with the problem with blood pressure and or diabetes:

  • Monitor their food intake, especially salt intake, under instructions or guidelines of the Doctor. All residents have customised diets provided on the basis of preferences + recommendations of doctors.
  • If advised and the elderly’s physical condition permits, an elderly can take advantage of Artha’s in-house physiotherapy. Physiotherapy also helps in blood circulation.
  • Monitoring of blood pressure under the guidelines of the doctor.
  • Regular checks for blood pressure and diabetes by in-house and or visiting Doctors.
  • Monitoring any medicines that doctor prescribes
  • Keeping medical records for view by the resident besides near and dear ones!

Mobility Issues


Mobility Issues/ Special Needs/Wheelchair-bound Seniors

Wheelchairs provide freedom, independence and relief in mobility to the elderly when assisted and supported by the Artha caregivers and nurses. The wheelchair is the best answer when the elderly have a disability to walking or have other mobility issues due to disease, surgery or ageing. Counted the best in India and Delhi NCR, Artha Assisted Living is the most well equipped with such gear for the best advantage and benefit of the elderly. Wheelchairs provide complete movement for the elderly throughout our homely premises, which also position the trained caregivers, nurses and staff to help the elderly in the best way.

Artha’s best-quality wheelchairs conform to the best practices and state-of-the-art modern technologies used within the best medical organisations and leading hospitals. These wheelchairs are very comfortable and ergonomically suitable for the mobility needs of the elderly.

elderly monitoring system
senior monitoring systems

To mention some of the ways how the wheelchairs at Artha help both the elderly and caregivers are:

  • The elderly do not feel restricted in movement.
  • They can virtually move around the whole Artha premises with assistance.
  • They can move out onto the balcony, especially in the mornings and evenings.
  • Wheelchairs enable caregivers to provide better mobility care for the elderly.
  • These allow better social engagement, as they can move around, especially when festivities and other events are carried out at the Artha luxury old age home premises.
  • Through the wheelchair, the elderly can reach essential areas like the physiotherapy room and dining area and meet Doctors or visitors, among others.
  • The caregivers and nurses come to the immediate aid of the elderly with the help of these convenient wheelchairs, especially in cases of emergency.
  • Elevators are spacious enough to accommodate a caregiver + a wheelchair.
  • There are ramps available with Artha to aid wheelchair movement.
  • The entrance, rooms and bathrooms all have access to wheelchair movements.
  • A nurse/ caregiver is always around to assist the elderly in moving in and out of the wheelchair.
  • The residents have a choice of bringing their own wheelchair or using one at Artha.
  • A caregiver will accompany the elderly on any medical visits outside Artha.

Nurses and Caregivers


Personal Care

Advancing in age brings about a lot of changes, both physically and mentally. Most elderly need extra care, attention and assistance, especially those with medical conditions as common as fluctuating blood sugar levels, blood pressure or even more serious pressing conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Elders would need care every step of the way and regular monitoring of health conditions. Also, it is important to ensure they interact socially with others around them. Making new friends at this age can be hard, and Artha ensures personal attention socially and medically.

They may need to be attended to 24x7 at regular intervals. Some basic needs must be tenderly addressed, such as meals/eating/feeding, medicines, toiletry, hygiene, mobility and laundry, among others. Custom diets are important to ensure health conditions are kept under control and do not aggravate the condition.

home monitoring for elderly
elder care monitoring devices

Artha Assisted Living home’s trained, seasoned and experienced staff and caregivers work round the clock to care for the elderly at our place and keep them physically, socially and mentally happy as much as possible, enriching their quality of life.