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Assisted Living

Assisted Living Sector 53, Gurugram

Assisted Living

Artha elderly Assisted Living means a home with a luxury touch customised to the medical, social, care and other needs of the elderly; all these services, features and facets are provided under one roof. Assisted living services at Artha can be availed from a single day to short stays and even long-term living. For the elderly, Artha is their permanent home where they mingle and live happily in the company of the elderly community and care given by the nurses, caregivers and the team.

The hospitable, courteous, trained and experienced caregivers, nurses and the team at Artha work round-the-clock with the aim to provide the best assisted living experience for the elderly. They work 24 x 7 and are always ready to help to make the elderly feel loved and cared for in a secure and safe environment. Hence, the elderly live securely and safely with an assurance of a quick emergency response time of 20 seconds. This is truly a support and a care system tailored to their needs.

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Customised meals based on medical conditions and choices are provided. Regular health checks and continued medical monitoring are provided to the elderly. Personalised care is provided for the elderly who need special attention or have recently been discharged from a hospital post an operation, surgery or any other ailment.

Facilitating Assisted Living in it's true sense, Artha is your preferred destination for an Elderly stay.