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Senior Assisted Living FAQs

Public Areas

Yes, all floors have spacious well-illuminated lounges for the elderly to move around and sit. There are TVs in every lounge area.

Yes, there is a common dining area, but also meals are served in the rooms for the elderly who are unable to walk or are unwell. Meal can also be served in the lounge area in case the elderly are unable to go to the dining area.

Yes, there is a spacious AC visitor’s room on the ground floor. It comes with comfortable seating, and they can meet and chat in privacy.

Yes. This is convenient especially when the elders are moving around or present in common areas and they need not go back every time to their respective rooms.

The common area safety features include a comprehensive fire alarm system in the entire Artha home complex. Water sprinklers get activated instantly. The stair’s steps/floors are illuminated even in the dark. There is lighting in the entire complex with power back up. The staircases come with sidebars. There is a ramp for easy movement, especially for the wheelchair. There is a nurse desk on every floor for instant emergency response.

Yes. There is a spacious garden area with a seating arrangement and also to walk around a bit.

Yes, all public areas are within the Artha home complex.


Yes, the entire complex is elder-friendly, modified, and built according to old age needs. Safety features have remained a top priority, including sidebars, ramps, spacious lifts and a staircase.

The staircase is broad and very gentle for movement. The staircases are illuminated on the ground with strips that shine even in the dark. Besides, there is lighting along the staircase. There is a side railing/sidebars along the staircase pathway.

Yes. It includes an anti-slip floor. There are sidebars along the WC and the bathing/shower area. There is a panic alarm button in the bathroom as well. There is power backup and a constant supply of hot/cold water. There are almost no sharp edges in the bathroom. The bathroom door can be opened in case of emergency.

There are panic buttons next to the bed and in the bathroom. The 24/7 nurse desk is on every floor and just steps away from the elderly rooms, and the elderly can expect a response within seconds, if not minutes. There is a backup transport system in place in case the elderly needs to be rushed to the hospital. There is a panel of Doctors.

Yes, first aid kits are available. The caregivers, nurses and housekeepers are trained and experienced, especially in the functionality and usage of the first-aid kit in case of injury or emergency.

Yes, which is a must, especially for the elderly with heart ailments. The staff are well trained to use these and provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Yes. There is the provision of the ramp where it is required in the Artha premises. The lift and stairs are also wheelchair friendly. There is a slope at the main entrance for easy accessibility of a wheelchair to the ambulance.

Yes. Fresh meals are prepared every day, with fresh vegetables and cooking items. The cooking utensils and the cutlery are cleaned in the most hygienic manner. The kitchen area is the most hygienic and germ-free. The Cooking staff are most well-groomed and follow strict cleanliness protocol.

Yes, there is a 24 x 7 power backup.

Elderly care and medical supervision

Yes, the caregivers are trained and experienced in managing the elderly. They are available and work 24x7 during their respective duty hours.

Yes. They are on-site, and also there is a nurse desk on each floor and just steps away from the elderly’s rooms.

The nurses are just steps away and are available 24x7. The nurses can attend to any elderly within seconds if, not minutes.

Yes, there are panelled doctors, among the best in the industry, who regularly visit on a calendar basis. Special Doctors can be called in case of special requests or requirements of any elderly.

Yes. There is a fully functional and well-equipped physiotherapy room.

Medical records are maintained. Their ailment or condition-specific doctors’ numbers are saved on record, and medicine schedules are at the tip of the caregivers. The caregivers are trained and experienced in how to attend to the elderly under medical conditions.