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Independent Living

Elderly Independent Luxury Home Living

Independent Living

Artha means an elderly independent luxury home living topped up with a backup of 24x7 medical healthcare assistance and personal care. Artha homes are modified and designed considering the safety and comfort needs of the elderly who wish to live independently. Their personal spaces include their rooms, balconies, and bathrooms, which provide a luxury touch, and proper ventilation with key safety features. All key amenities, facilities and features of elderly independent living are factored in view of their specific independent living.

Residential Assisted Living
Independent Living for Seniors

The Artha Assisted Living home provides an excellent independent living environment and ambience that includes community living of like-minded elderly age groups/retirement communities. Activities and events take place from time to time, such as festivals, on-premises health check-up camps, among others. The elderly also have common areas at their Artha home to move around like the dining area, walking and socialising areas, a physiotherapy room, and more. There is a separate visitors room and helpdesk.

Go live with Artha and find a new community to be friends with! It is better than home.