Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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“For those that planted seeds of the trees they would not enjoy shade of, we provide a chance at meaningful and cherished living”

We strongly believe age should not define your life and our seniors deserve a chance at Meaningful living. Thus, we founded Artha Assisted Living with the singular focus of providing a high quality standard of living to Seniors that we know they deserve. Meaningful living begins with a safe and welcoming environment. At Artha, we carefully plan our facilities that provide a safe living environment to all our residents thereby enabling them to enjoy life carefree.

We understand the importance of quality care in a senior’s daily life and thus our care programs are personalized to our resident’s needs. The care programs are managed by a highly professional and well-trained staff. Our team of medical professionals are experts in their respective fields, and well respected amongst their professional peers. Our well-designed care plans allow our residents to be well engaged in other aspects of their daily life. Along with great state-of-the-art infrastructure, medical expertise, and all necessary amenities, we also incorporate newer technologies to provide our residents with a meaningful quality of life.

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