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Pre & Post Surgery

Post surgery rehab care seniors

Pre & Post Surgery

Avoid travel, and stay amidst the centre of Gurgaon post-surgery. At Artha, we ensure pre and post-surgery care under the directions of your medical team. Come, recover in surroundings that are apt for elder care.

Care, recovery and observation in pre and post-surgery for the elderly are of key significance. At Artha Assisted Living home, we, the caregivers, nurses and the team, endeavour to reduce the physical and mental pain and the burden on the elderly, pre and after surgery and especially after discharge from the hospital. The name, Artha, is synonymous with pre-surgery care and post-surgery rehab and recovery care for seniors, especially for those in the status or condition of pre and post-surgery.

pre and post surgery
Surgery in house Physiotherapy at Artha

In-house Physiotherapy at Artha helps the elderly patients with their mobility issues, with care especially at the critical time after they have been discharged from the hospital – which is done compassionately, nursing them back to recovery. This enables the elderly facing physiological altercations resulting from the operation or due to ageing, with proper instant responsiveness and care.

To lower the pre and post-surgery complications in elderly patients, the subsequent functional recovery and the needing assistance with any basic activity of daily life, we at Artha, excel in pre and post-surgery care. There is a team of in-house and on-panel doctors to assess and provide the best care, from check-ups to monitoring. Or we could follow your doctor's advice and care instructions. The elderly recovery becomes a priority by providing them round-the-clock care and comfort and by creating a conducive environment for them.