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Community Events

Fun games, interactions, laughter, dining, and making new friends- that's the aim of these Community Events at Artha.

The mental, emotional, cognitive functions and physical well-being of the elderly also involve their engagement in social activities and mixing with their community, such as at the Artha Assisted Living elderly home premises. This is possible for the elderly at Artha with special community events that it conducts from time to time, especially on occasions like New Year or other special days or festivities. These also enable interactions among the elderly, enabling a strong belonging need with their age group and other elderly at the Artha home premises.

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To mention some of the types of activities that Artha Assisted Living engages in for its elderly to keep them occupied, engaged and happy are events, festival celebrations, special day observances, in-door games, meditation, social gatherings, and chitchat area over tea, among others. It becomes essential to refresh and rekindle a zest and compassion for life for the elderly.

Community living for the elderly in the same age group or as retirement elderly makes life for them more enjoyable and interactive, and community events are a great topping to it.