Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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Lend a hand, touch a heart. By volunteering with Artha Assisted Living, you're not just giving time; you're granting joy, comfort, and companionship to our beloved senior community. Immerse yourself in an environment where every moment is treasured, and every smile is returned in kind. Dive into experiences that matter and find yourself enriched in the process—every act, small or big, counts.

Experience Gained

Empathetic Evolution

Foster more profound
understanding and compassion

Life Skill Learning

Navigate challenges, honing skills
beyond the ordinary

Wisdom Imbibed

Absorb invaluable lessons from
a lifetime of experiences

About Us:

At Artha Assisted Living for Senior Citizens, we've envisioned a sanctuary where our elderly community can thrive. Seamlessly blending modern amenities with the warmth of a home, Artha offers more than just a place to live—it's a place to truly live well. We believe that seniors deserve a space where they can socialise, communicate, and remain their authentic selves, all while being enveloped in genuine care and affection. Be a part of our mission. Be a part of their journey.

Why Volunteer With Artha?

   Personal Growth

  •        Explore facets of yourself as you bond with seniors.

   Unforgettable Memories

  •        Create heartwarming moments that stay with you forever.

   Skill Enhancement

  •        Gain soft skills and understand the diverse world of elder care.

   Foster Relationships

  •        Forge deep connections with a generation rich in wisdom and stories.

   Give Back

  •        Play an active role in contributing to society meaningfully.
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   Discover Empathy

  •        Connect deeply, understanding the world through senior eyes.

   Boost Wellness

  •        Scientifically proven: Helping others boosts your own mental well-being.

   Teamwork & Leadership

  •        Work in teams, learn to lead and be led.

   Impactful Contribution

  •        Even small acts can make a huge difference.

   Experience Diversity

  •        Learn from our seniors' varied backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.