Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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Assisted Living

Day use, short-term
& long-term stays


Caregivers & Nurses

Day-to-day On-site assistance
for elderly


Regular Health Checks

Regular checks by visiting doctors & nurses/ caregivers on site


Elderly community Events

In-house events keep the
elders engaged

Assisted living for Senior Citizens

Luxury home for senior citizens covers independent and assisted living, including Alzhiemer's care

Periodic medical checks for senior citizens


There is a regular calendar schedule for Doctor checks for each individual. Beyond the scheduled visits, doctors and ambulances are on call 24x7.

Physiotherapy facilities at Artha Senior Care

Physiotherapy at

We have in-house Physiotherapists to allow the convenience of physiotherapy in the room itself or within the Physiotherapy room at Artha.

Mobility and supporting facilities designed for the aged

Designed & Built for Seniors

From the architecture to in-house amenities, Artha has been built for senior care. This ensures privacy and seamless movement for the elderly.

Day care services for senior citizens

Senior Day

We have regular visits to the elderly. The residents can choose to interact or maintain privacy. There are 5 Lounge areas beyond the rooms.

Independent living home for Senior citizens

Independent Living

Independent living allows an individual or couple to enjoy their daily life without worrying about their everyday needs and routine chores.

Assisted living home for the old aged seniors

Assisted Living

Artha’s assisted living care plan is designed for seniors who may not need constant nursing but require assistance in their activities of daily living (“ADL”).

Facilities cater to surgical support needs for senior citizens

Pre & Post Surgery

Avoid travel, and stay amidst the centre of Gurgaon post-surgery. At Artha, we ensure pre and post-surgery care under the directions of your medical team.

Experienced, qualified nursing care for the aged populace

Skilled Nursing Care

At Artha, a nurse station managed by skilled nurses and caregivers, on each floor caters to the everyday and emergency needs of the elderly.


How elders should actually live

Artha works with the elderly to customise stay packages and ensures you are regularly informed of the health and happiness quotient. Whether you actually stay away or travel for work, get the peace of mind that the elderly are secure and happy!

Artha hosts community events for senior citizens
  • ImageStay in a friendly ambience
  • ImageWheelchair Accessible
  • ImageDay visits and options for short and long stays
  • ImageChoose independent living or assisted living
  • ImageCustom Diet plans for each elderly
  • ImageCustomise your room to have a home feel
  • ImageAccess to nurses, doctors, and ambulances

Live a Life Filled with Love

Community living facilities and day care for the aged

True Elderly Care unveiled at Artha

Trained Caregivers
& Nurses
Atha senior care home is developed for assisted and independent living
Affordable, custom
Artha Senior care has built in facilities that provide a modern home for the aged
Health & Safety
stays priority


Although I feel guilty to leave Mom at Artha while I travel for work, I have realized that Mom is happier and secure here.


My Dad gets to meet and socialize with other elderly during his day visits. He is happy expanding his social circle.


My Daadi needed care after surgery, and I had to return to work. A short stay at Artha ensured she got her the right care.



Independent Living

Independent living for the senior citizens at Artha

Assisted Living

Artha's nurses and caregivers provide assisted living for seniors

Day Visits and Community Events

Day visits and senior events at Artha

Alarms in each room & bathroom

Artha senior living has emergency alarms in rooms and bathrooms

Senior care services under
one roof at Artha

Experience a true home away from home! In fact, even better. Seniors are cared for at each step- a true feeling of warmth and love.

You will feel at home, always!

Affordable Cost
Quality of Care

You can choose from Day use, short-term & long-term stays. There is no minimum commitment, and the rentals are charged based on the package chosen.

Yes, absolutely. We pride ourselves in our caregiver services, and the safety amenities present within Artha. Beyond the safety measures, we have doctors and nurses on site who ensure daily, weekly, and monthly checks as explicitly required for each elder.

That's a choice you and the elderly make. We have private independent living and sharing accommodation options.

Our senior care consultants hold multiple sessions with you and the elderly to understand specific needs before moving in. Also, you can visit the place and spend a day experiencing the care if you want. The room is then customised to the needs and health conditions of the elderly.

20 seconds. Yes, you got that right! There is a bedside alarm and another alarm in the bathroom for the elderly to call for assistance. Once activated, a digital clock at the floor's nursing desk records the alarm, and the nurse will rush into the room for assistance. Multiple alarms can be activated and responded to simultaneously.

That's a choice we give you. You can choose the privacy of your room or decide to seek help to reach a public area for dining.

We hold regular senior care events, where the residents get a chance to interact with the visiting elderly! Such events uphold the spirits of everyone and allow them a feel of life beyond the resident interactions.

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Independent Living or Assisted Living.

You choose. We care!

short and long stays for senior citizens. Day care and Surgey care facilities.