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How loneliness impacts the Elderly


“Loneliness is different than isolation and solitude. Loneliness is a subjective feeling where the connections we need are greater than the connections we have. In the gap, we experience loneliness. It’s distinct from the objective state of isolation, which is determined by the number of people around you.

Vivek Murthy

Loneliness and isolation can impact any person mentally and physically, especially the elderly. It can have a ripple effect by being a source of other ailments, such as blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart problem, and can be a reason for even death. 

Loneliness can impact the elderly both mentally and physically. In many ways, mental health and physical health are interconnected and interrelated. For example, if an older adult is keeping physically fit, such as by walking, doing yoga, etc, but has no one to interact with or talk to, it can lead to depression. Conversely, if an older person is having a social interaction but is not attending to his or her physical health, this is also very harmful. So a balance must be maintained in holistic mental and physical health for the elderly. 

How loneliness can hamper the elderly 

As indicated above, loneliness can cause many other problems and ailments. When the elderly are left alone, they are highly vulnerable to becoming sick quite quickly, which can affect their health and well-being in a short period.  

There may be many reasons why and how the elderly are so vulnerable to loneliness, such as 

  • Many elderly live in big homes or independent houses and are alone and lonely. They do not have anyone to keep themselves occupied with, such as to talk to or interact with like-minded or similar age groups elderly persons to interact with. This can lead to loneliness.
  • Many elderly miss their children. Their children could be living overseas or are away at faraway distances for work and other purposes. Loneliness seeps into the minds of the elderly in such scenarios. 
  • They have no relatives nearby, and the elderly land up in loneliness. They do not have many family members or relatives living around, or that can be approached for social interaction. A lack of a circle of relatives, especially of similar age, can virtually stop socializing, thereby impacting the elderly, especially mentally. 
  • No like-minded elderly neighborhood. There could be very limited similar-age elderly in the colony, society, or community. This causes great loneliness. 
  • Some of the elderly’s spouses have passed away, either the husband or the wife, and there is no one to talk to or interact with. Many become introverted and depressed. 
  • Higher elderly age, such as 80ies, family structures change, as the family members and relatives are generally much lower in age, and they are busy with their work and daily life routines and chores. 
  • No engagement in activities, events, and festivities. Due to physical challenges and old-age health conditions, many elders cannot keep themselves engaged in social activities, such as attending a festival or event. 


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