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Assisted Living – An emerging concept in India.

Senior citizens need to be independent, and we do that by ensuring their safety, dignity and health, cognitive and physical,” – BRB Puthran (CEO and one of the founders of Alive, an ageing Solutions Company)

India is undergoing a demographic shift due to the rising health hazards and preventive healthcare facilities. In the conventional care system for older persons, the elderly were cared for through a shared family structure with the assistance of helpers. Nevertheless, with the dissolution of joint family structures and corporate occupations for most spouses, the aged in a nuclear family have only the assistance or trained medical caretakers to rely on.

With the nuclear family becoming more popular and youngsters migrating to major cities and other countries in quest of better prospects, most families increasingly see their ageing parents left alone. Most of these elderly folks live in gated communities with limited social interaction. Their standard medical requirements are met by themselves or by others. However, this requires ongoing communication with the companies offering the services. This frequently results in an uncomfortable scenario for the elderly.

Nowadays, the most distinguishing traits of a senior adult are independence and liberty. Because of the development of nuclear homes, greater living standards, and geographically separated kids, the phrase “independent elderly” is a novel demographic. Seniors prefer to live in assisted living rather than an old-age home; that is their last alternative when no one else can meet their requirements.

Reasons for the emergence of Assisted Living care homes:

·       Children want seclusion following their marriage or abandoned parents by moving out or moving abroad.

·       Relocating to other regions of the nation for work, leaving their elders in their native towns to care for themselves.

·       Inability to locate qualified caregivers for older adults in their homes.

Advantages of an Assisted Living:

  • Low hazard living – Senior folks live alone the majority of the time. Elders become sedentary with time and cannot maintain and clean their homes. This lack of upkeep exposes them to serious health and safety risks. Assisted living services promise a comfortable and safe atmosphere. The facility is built with additional safety features.
  • 24/7 assistance – Assisted Living care centres offer a specialised medical team on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because seniors’ health is delicate, they require immediate attention in case of a fatal injury or a life-threatening condition.
  • Improved Quality of Life – Elders are encouraged to be self-sufficient and to live in a tranquil atmosphere with like-minded people. They benefit from a healthy community without sacrificing their assets, privacy, or freedom. At Artha, we provide required seniors with separate housing facilities and support in living a pleasant existence.
  • Development of a routine – Assisted living services encourage seniors to form habits and routines. With a focus on engaging elderly persons emotionally and physically, these services allow seniors to participate in activities they enjoy or pursue without difficulty. On the same site, assisted living facilities provide various activities for elders. As a result, individuals are not obliged to travel to meet friends and have what they desire to do.


Because older persons require aid and support based on their problems, they need specialised assistance from professional caregivers. The professionals and caregivers at assisted living homes are specially trained to meet their unique demands and requirements. As a result, assisted living facilities are the finest location for seniors to live in tranquillity. Artha Assisted Living maintains a contemporary facility that provides assisted care facilities for elders and is recognised for making seniors enjoy their Life while giving a complete sense of tranquillity to their families.