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+91-: 9910779703 | | Gurugram, Sector 53

+91-: 9910779703
| Gurugram, Sector 53

At Artha, Age is Just a Number Where Elderly Live a Lively Life


“To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent that is to triumph over old age.”

Thomas B. Aldrich, World famous writer

senior citizen care services assisted living residents cater to respect, dignity, day care center for old age, attention, physical and mental wellbeing, and a sense of community belongingness for the elderly that does not have a limitation or a criterion of caring and sharing barriers of individual elders. For Artha, each elderly person is unique and the most important person. At Artha, we go the extra mile regarding personalized care of the elderly. 

The Artha difference

At Artha, the day care center for old age of the elderly is just a number as it embraces the care, commitment, and wellbeing of each elderly at the Artha luxury old-age premises. We provide a luxury comfort residence for the elderly where nursing and care in a clinical setting is a normal feature. For us, every elderly’s unique needs to the minutest of detail is taken care of, and they are never felt alone or lonely. The community itself provides for excellent interaction. Artha ensures the happening of major events and interactions from time to time, such as festivals and also includes health check-up initiatives. 

Our commitment

At Artha, we stand for what we deliver. Our hearts and minds have just one focus: the wellbeing of every elderly at our premises. We aim to solely make every elderly staying at their homes at our premises treated with utmost personalized care and attention. 

Living an Elderly Life with all essential amenities

Some of the aspects we identified required and provide by the elderly in making their home and care the best to enable a safe are wheelchair-friendly premises, on-sight medical assistance, 24×7 nursing, emergency call bell 24×7, anti-slip flooring in the bathrooms for shower and WC with railing on the side, AC, balconies with good ventilation, hospital and the concerned Doctor coordination as per the medical papers and requirement, TV with TATA Sky, ambulance tie-ups, periodical medical check-ups and camps, immunity-boosting hygienic meals, physiotherapy room within the premises, slow walking and tea area to interact with others, and many more services. 


At Artha luxury old age homes in gurgaon elderly home, we endeavor that no senior person, irrespective of their background, feels uncomfortable and ensure that they adjust to the new surroundings comfortably and quickly.  At Artha, we understand that each elderly has a unique requirement, especially some with specific medical conditions. 

Come experience a world in itself in the surrounds of the friendly elderly luxury home at Artha. To know the directions and to feel the elderly home, call Artha at +91 9910779703

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