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Debunking Common Myths about Senior Care Homes

People often require additional support and assistance with daily activities as they age. This is where senior citizen care services come into the picture, providing older adults with a safe and comfortable environment and receiving the care they need. Despite the numerous benefits these homes offer, several myths about them persist. This article will debunk these myths to help dispel misconceptions about senior care homes.

Myth 1: Senior care homes are only for people who can no longer live independently

This is the most common myth about senior care homes. People tend to think these homes are only for those who can no longer live independently and require 24/7 assistance. However, this is not always the case. Artha is a five-star old age home that offers a wide plethora of services, including assisted living. It offers amenities that cater to aged individuals with specific needs and abilities and provides support tailored to each resident’s unique situation.

Myth 2: Senior care homes are boring and lonely

Another common myth about senior care homes is that they are dull and lonely places to live. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Artha offers a variety of activities, including exercise sessions, social events, and festive celebrations and even provides day visits. Residents can also form close relationships with each other and staff members trained to provide companionship and support.

Myth 3: Senior care homes are too expensive

The tariff of senior care homes can be a consternation for many families. But it is important to reminisce about the cost of care varies greatly depending on the type of home and the level of care required. Artha proffers high-quality senior care at affordable prices with flexible care plans to meet the changing requirements of the residents. At no permanent down payment or investment, all the included costs are informed in advance.

Myth 4: Senior care homes provide subpar medical care

Another common myth about senior care homes is that they do not provide adequate medical care. This is not true at all. Artha has trained medical professionals on staff, including nurses and doctors, who support, and in-house physiotherapy for residents with mobility issues or physical problems. In addition, there are regular health check-ups and doctor visits under one roof at the Artha premises.

Myth 5: Senior care homes are not a good place to make new friends

The final myth we will address is that senior care homes are not a good place to make new friends. On the contrary, Artha offers a welcoming and friendly environment where residents can form close relationships with one another. Additionally, social events and activities are organised that allow residents to connect with others and form new friendships.
Despite the facts, many myths about senior care homes continue to persist. By debunking these myths, we at Artha hopefully provided a clearer understanding of what we offer. Whether providing tailored support, offering a range of facilities, or providing quality medical care, Artha delivers many benefits to the elderly population. If you are considering a senior care home for yourself or a loved one, you can check out Artha and see if that best fits your needs. With the proper care and support, Artha can be a safe and comfortable place to call home. For more queries, please drop a mail at or call +91-9910779703.