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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors and Caregivers

We are barely a month away from dropping the ball at midnight. No matter your age, you must try to thrive instead of just surviving 2023. It is that time of the year again when we review our achievements of the past year and think about new year’s resolutions. For caregivers and seniors, the year 2023 brings a time to review the past year and to make resolutions and goals to work towards in the future. For your young hearts, we bring you several terrific ideas of new year’s resolutions for the elderly to try this year. 

Resolutions For New Year’s For Seniors

  1. Laugh More

Laughter is definitely the best medicine and can be the best resolution for 2023. We all go through the stress that makes this exercise a little challenging for us. The less you smile, the more you frown. So, turn that frown upside down and laugh your heart out. Get rid of those sad memories that have been holding you back, and only remember the beautiful ones. Make new, beautiful memories this year. The plus here is that laughter is excellent for your health. It helps in reducing stress hormones and makes your immune system stronger.

  1. Get Hooked On To A Hobby

Including a hobby that you enjoy in your daily routine is excellent if you want to add entertainment to your life. It can be difficult for working seniors to take retirement suddenly and have nothing to do. But keep in mind that hobbies can help with the transformation. They are marvellous when it comes to finding your unexplored potential. You may never have imagined you could paint so incredibly or write wonderful poetry. The sense of achievement that hobbies offer makes you more confident.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Caregivers

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

Ensure you are eating sufficient nutritious food and sleeping 8 hours every night. Poor diet and stress may take a toll on your mental and physical health.

  1. Educate Yourself On Your Role 

Learning things that you can about your elderly will give them comfort and reduce stress for all, and become aware of your loved one’s medical conditions.

  1. Make Time For Fun

Caregivers usually spend so much time on everyday chores and things that have to be done they tend to forget to kick back and spend time with their loved one. In between what needs to be done, make sure you schedule time every day when you simply enjoy being with your elderly. The time you spend with them will help you balance the things you must do.

Bottom Line!

This new year, make sure to make a resolution that can actually make a difference. Try out new activities, invite your friends over and spend time with them playing cards or simply having conversations. At Artha Senior Living, our elders live their lives to the fullest and are engaged in fun activities with their peers. So, contact us today and we will take care of your loved one here.