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Why Assisted Living Homes Outweigh Hotels for Post-operative Care

Introduction: A New Age of Senior Care

We live in an era where the dynamics of senior care are rapidly evolving. Ageing is inevitable, and ensuring a safe, comfortable, and fulfilling environment for the elderly is paramount. In India, the population of senior citizens was 139 million in 2021, and the numbers are predicted to rise to 324 million by 2050 (United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India, 2021). As such, the conversation surrounding appropriate post-operative care for older adults has never been more relevant or essential.

Assisted Living Homes vs Hotels: Understanding the Differences

Post-operative care is critical for seniors, and choosing the right environment can significantly impact their recovery. Traditionally, many have opted for hotel stays, offering a sense of comfort and luxury. However, the need for specialized facilities and trained medical staff can hinder proper recovery. Assisted living homes, like Artha Assisted Living, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive care plan designed to cater to the unique needs of elderly patients.

Safety and Accessibility: Priorities in Assisted Living Homes

Assisted living homes are designed keeping older adults’ specific needs in mind. Every detail of space, from anti-slip bathroom flooring, side railings on staircases and next to the WC to strategically placed ramps and emergency alarm buttons, is meticulously planned for the safety and convenience of the elderly. According to the India Ageing Report 2017, approximately 60% of elderly people in India have at least one chronic disease, emphasizing the necessity for such specialized spaces.

Round-the-Clock Medical Assistance: A Crucial Component

Hotels may provide room service and cleaning but lack the round-the-clock medical assistance assisted living homes offer. Artha Assisted Living has nurse desks on each floor with alarm alerts, and in-doctor consultations are available. This can be crucial for post-operative care, where regular medical supervision and prompt emergency response can be life-saving.

Socialization and Activities: Encouraging Holistic Healing

Post-operative care extends beyond medical attention and involves the patients’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Assisted living homes provide common areas for socializing, dedicated meeting areas, and lounges on each floor. These are designed to promote social interaction among residents and contribute to their overall wellbeing.

Artha Assisted Living: Setting a Benchmark in Elderly Care

Artha Assisted Living is a testament to how well-designed, empathetic care for older adults can transform their golden years into a time of joy, security, and fulfilment. Artha Senior Care offers an ideal environment for post-operative care, from anti-slip flooring and perfect bed and chair height to 24×7 power and water backup. The premises, designed for the free movement of older people, are indeed a haven where they can live freely, safely, and happily. With features like big lifts, the ideal positioning of the TV, first aid boxes, and a defibrillator, Artha Assisted Living ensures the comfort and convenience of its residents.

In-House Physiotherapy: An Essential Offering at Artha Assisted Living

Artha Assisted Living is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for its residents, and its in-house physiotherapy facility is a testament to this commitment. With a well-equipped physiotherapy room, Artha ensures that seniors grappling with mobility issues and physical discomfort receive timely care and attention. The advantage of in-house physiotherapy at Artha extends beyond its physical benefits. It negates the need for the elderly to travel outside the premises, providing them with the convenience of one-on-one sessions within a familiar and comfortable environment. This ease of access enhances the efficiency of care, allowing residents to seek and receive help promptly.

At Artha, trained and experienced physiotherapists are always ready to assist. Regular sessions can be organized without requiring residents to move around excessively or leave the premises. By prioritizing the requirements and comfort of each resident, Artha underscores the importance of in-house physiotherapy as a critical offering for the physical wellbeing of the elderly. Thus, Artha’s in-house physiotherapy embodies their commitment to comprehensive, empathetic care.

Conclusion: Assisted Living—the Preferred Choice for Post-operative Care

The choice between a hotel and an assisted living home for post-operative care of the elderly essentially boils down to the level of specialized care required. The personalized attention, 24×7 medical assistance, and designed-for-seniors infrastructure at an assisted living home like Artha far outweigh the temporary luxury of a hotel stay. As we move towards a future with a significant senior population, we rethink how we provide the best post-operative care for our elderly. Artha Assisted Living, with its unwavering dedication to its residents’ safety, comfort, and holistic wellbeing, is paving the way in redefining senior care in India.