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Parents behave like Children in Old Age. How true is it?


“Count your age by friends, not years. 

Count your life by smiles, not tears.”

John Lennon

As parents or the elderly age, there is a shift in their behaviour and responses for many of them. Some lose maturity and start behaving childishly or become more demanding, and some seek attention and always want someone or the other to be around them most of the time. Some elderly need emotional support, which appears as childlike behaviour, but it is not; it can be natural. Time changes for every living human, and there are different needs at different times. Some elderly have more demands or needs, and some less. 

Some of the elderly in their life journey get so engrossed and occupied in professional and personal chores that they forget who they are. Many may have faced hardships and struggles in life, and some keep higher expectations in their old age. And then suddenly, in their old age, they consciously or unconsciously get into the mode of childlike behaviour. So, for some elderly, it is true that they start behaving like children in old age. 

How to address the problem of those elderly parents who start behaving like children?

  • Seek outside help for them.

Your old parents may not feel as open as they would with like-minded same older age group persons, such as in old-age assisted living homes, where other elderly also stay. Take your senior parents to such a place and spend some time exploring and seeing your old parent’s reactions to the surroundings. 

  • Focus on their benefits and needs.

Try to understand why your old parents behave in such a childlike manner. They may be in physical or emotional care. Sometimes a small step can make a world of difference.

  • Talk to a doctor or consult a Psychologist.

Sometimes it may appear to you as if your old parents are not listening to you like some children. Doctors and Psychologists are seasoned professionals who have dealt with hundreds and thousands of such cases. They may be able to guide you better, especially when you are helpless or unable to find a solution.

  • Try to understand their behaviour and try to address it.

Talking to and communicating with your old parents can bridge some essential gaps. 

  • Treat your old parents like adults and deal in a mature manner.

Treat your old parents like equals or adults, at par. You will need patience when dealing with situations when your ageing parents show a different childlike nature. 


Many old parents, they appear to start behaving childishly. But that may be a sign in giving them more care and attention. Then there can be other concerns, such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Artha Assisted Living has all the main features and provisions to take the best care of the elderly. There is in-house physiotherapy, and doctors are called periodically. At Artha, we understand that every older adult has his or her unique concerns, needs and requirements. We try to engage to the fullest possible.  

To know how Artha Assisted Living takes care of the elderly, especially those who develop a childlike behaviour, call +91 9910779703. 

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