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 Home Modification Ideas for the Elderly


A home tailor-made and modified to the specific requirements of your old parents offers perfect addressing to their home safety and comfort needs. If your parents are living alone, then setting your aged parents to stay in a pleasant home that is 100% safe is of crucial importance. For the old parents to live alone in unsafe home surroundings exposes them to high vulnerability regarding their overall wellbeing. 

Some of the perfect home modification ideas that Artha has also embraced for the elderly care are

  • Ramps. Ramps provide easy and slow movement for the elderly; the ramps also make the wheelchair or stretcher move smoother. The sidebar along the ramps helps support the elderly.
  • Wider doors.

Narrow doors can be inconvenient and somewhat dangerous. The doors of the premises should be broader and easier to operate, especially for the elderly with physical challenges, such as weak hand reflexes. In case the door has been locked from inside by the elderly, and in the event of medical urgency, especially at night, the staff should be able to rush, open the door and attend.

  • Flooring modifications.

The flooring should be anti-slip, especially in the bathrooms. It is an essential safety feature, especially when the floor gets wet.

  • Lighting.

Every important corner of the home premises, the common areas, where the elderly move, should be well lit. The bedroom should have a night bulb or dim illumination system.

  • Side railings.

Side railings are important, such as in the bathroom, the shower area and the WC. Side railings in common areas, such as staircases, are also important.

  • Smart devices.

The elderly should be able to attend to it at a blink or press of a button. Note that Artha provides a 24 x 7 instant call service for any unforeseen necessity or difficulty for the elderly. Mobile numbers of the elderly, their children and the concerned doctors are stored at the reception.

  • Comfort features.

TV channels with remote control, AC temperature adjustment, and more are common comfort and necessary features.

  • Windows and balcony.

Ventilation and flow of fresh air are essential for the elderly. They need to breathe fresh air, especially in the mornings. Windows and balconies enable this.

  • Comfortable and user-friendly furniture.

The seating of the chairs, accessing the cupboards, and other furniture should be ergonomically designed for the ease of the elderly. For example, the chairs should neither be too high nor too low, nor too hard nor too soft. The bed should be comfortable and should not be too high or too low.

  • Lifts and stairs illumination.

The staircase should be well illuminated, such as with radium floor strip stickers. The lifts and stairs should be broad enough, and the stairs should not be steep. 


“Life is a process during which one initially gets less and less dependent, independent, and then more and more dependent.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Author

The essential home modifications are the most valuable inputs and installations that can be provided to the elderly for their safety and care.

You may be away from your parents for days, weeks, months, or years, and visit them as per your work, Artha Assisted Living provides a homely atmosphere for your elderly parents. It gives every care and attention and exceeds expectations.

Artha helps the elderly in assisted living and takes care of the minutest of detail in the Best interest of the Elderly day care center for old age , looking after and attention. To know more about Artha Assisted Living, you may call +91 9910779703.

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