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 The Elderly Living with Dementia


A study determined that 40% of people aged ninety and over have dementia, and about 50% of people aged 85 and older have dementia. 

Though dementia is not a severe disease per se, it can be more serious than one can think it to be, especially for the elderly. It is not suitable for them and is dangerous, especially if they live alone. There are some key symptoms and specific problems associated with Dementia . An elderly could have one or more of the symptoms pertaining to dementia. Dementia is an impairment of thinking ability, forgetfulness in doing some basic activities, and weakened responses, among others. Dementia does not happen to all and is not a part of normal ageing. For the elderly, this happens for factors such as due to the weakening of or more significant loss of neurons. 

What are some prominent symptoms, and how to address these for the elderly?

  • Forgetfulness.

As the age grows, many elderly are vulnerable to being forgetful, including in some basic activities and forgetting where they left their spectacles, bag or mobile phones. 

  • Weakened social skills.

Some elderly forget to recall names, including their relatives, close ones, or those they have been socializing with. 

  • Weakened language and communication ability and skills. 

For some, language and communication become a barrier or a challenge. And some get lost in a sort of mental confusion and are unable to respond. The recognition ability and level also weaken. Some get restless or irritated quickly due to challenges in their cognitive ability to speak or understand. 

  • Physical reflexes become weak or late/delayed due to a weak mental response. 

Some elderly persons cannot walk or do other essential activities as their physical reflexes do not happen due to weakened mental processing. And some elderly face the challenge of physical weakness, such as declining muscle power. 

  • Difficulty in concentration. 

Some elderly sway away from what they are thinking about due to difficulty or inability to concentrate. 

  • Mood changes. 

Mood changes can happen to some as the elderly live in old age. This could be addressed with more engagement of the elderly such as in a festive event or mixing around and socializing with other older adults on the home premises. 

  • Some lose a sense of time and place. 

There are cases where some forget the time of the day or night and where they are. In such cases, the elderly’s meal timings, routine and toiletries, etc. need to be taken care of. 

  • Judgement ability weakens.

Some persons are unable to make the appropriate judgements. Responding and expressing thoughts can become for some. 


 “Those with dementia are still people and they still have stories and they still have character and they are all individuals and they are all unique. And they just need to be interacted with on a human level.” 

– Carey Mulligan

Gradual decline in mental function can interfere with performing/doing some basic daily activities, and no older adult should be left unattended in this matter. Artha assisted living the elderly with cases of Dementia care home and also Alzheimer’s. To know more about the elderly luxury old age home in gurgaon and get first-hand experience of the highly hospitable premises for the elderly, call +91 9910779703.  

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