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Socializing in Health care Homes for seniors: 5 Tips on making new friends

Introduction: Retirement can be a great transition for individuals who miss the days of freedom and have an abundance of time to do whatever they want. Many seniors feel as if they need someone to socialize with or do some fun activity with. But this doesn’t have to happen, since moving to a new community means that there will be a lot of other like-minded people who would wish to be friends and share similar hobbies.

One of the greatest amenities available in assisted living facilities is the many events to keep the elderly occupied and help them meet new individuals. Assisted living facilities offer different activities, so enquiring about the specifics is important. Like there could be games of cards or arts or even fitness and sports. So participating in any of these activities or clubs can be a great way for elders to connect with new people. So let’s discuss in depth, how they can bond with other members. 

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  • Spend more time in the common area: Instead of heading back to the room, elders can instead bring a pack of cards or board games to sit with fellow members and use them as a conversation starter.
  • Join new groups during mealtimes:  food has the magical effect of bringing different people together. Sharing a meal with fellow members is a great way to start a conversation and form new friendships. And it can simply be done by establishing some common ground. This will make the mealtime a lot more fun.
  • Remain open-minded: Adapting new life in an Assisted Living facility does not happen easily or in 1 day. And neither does meeting new members. Settling down to a new life and building new relations takes time. So it is best to keep trying new things, new activities which elders, initially may not have been interested in. Socializing and meeting new members helps the elderly form connections quickly and adjusting to new life becomes much easier.
  • Invite friends and family: While making new friends can be intimidating at first for some people, they can always invite their friends and families over, to connect with fellow members in the Assisted Living Facility. This will not only help in starting a conversation but will also contribute significantly to strengthening the bond.
  • Practice patience: It can always take time to make new friends at a new place. So patience is the virtue for that. The more, elders engage in social activities, the more it becomes easier for them to socialize and make new connections. 

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Conclusion: Artha Assisted Living is a great care facility for elders, where they are not just looked after by medical professionals and given 24/7 care but also helps with building a community for them to live in harmony make friends, and socialize.