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What Is the Difference Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living?


Many seniors prefer to stay in an assisted living facility rather than move into a nursing home. What makes an assisted living centre better than a nursing home?

Assisted living (AL) facilities offer services such as meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, medication management, and personal assistance. Many AL facilities also provide medical services.

Nursing homes (NH) offer care similar to that provided at AL facilities. They differ primarily in their service offerings and cost. NH facilities usually include 24/7 staff coverage, room and board, and other amenities. In addition, they often offer medical and health services.

Given that we have both options, it might be a little confusing to understand how they differ and which would be ideal for you or a loved one. But here is your help. Read till the end and understand your elderly’s needs:

  • Medical Assistance

AL- Residents in an assisted living facility have access to varying levels of medical care based on their particular needs. Some assisted living facilities to have separate accommodations for those with dementia or other memory-related illnesses.

People in assisted living facilities are often in good health.

NH- Medical treatment is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in nursing homes. The nursing staff assists with the care of residents who have chronic conditions.

Physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapy are available to people who require them.

Some residents stay for an extended time, while others are admitted for a brief rehabilitation following a hospital stay. 

  • Help in Daily Activities

AL: Residents of an assisted living facility receive assistance with daily chores such as showering and dressing. Residents who require laundry, housekeeping, or meal preparation services can obtain them.

NH: Most patients in nursing homes require more extensive assistance with their everyday needs.

Staff workers assist residents with bathing, dressing, using the restroom, and taking prescriptions. The kitchen staff prepares meals, and the staff handles laundry and housekeeping for the tenants.

  • Residential Area

AL: Individual or communal apartments with kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms are typical in assisted living facilities.

Some facilities provide furnished rooms. Residents are invited to enjoy meals and activities in the common areas if they so desire.

NH: Individual or communal rooms with en-suite baths are common in nursing homes.

Many nursing homes feature common areas where residents can share meals and activities.

  • Recreational Activities

AL: The variety of activities available to residents is one of the distinguishing features of assisted living facilities.

According to research, remaining physically active and socially connected is critical to the health of older persons.

The majority of assisted living facilities provide chances for physical activity, creative expression, and socialisation. Some also provide religious services and volunteer opportunities in the community.

NH: The variety of recreational activities available in nursing homes is limited. Many nursing homes provide residents with art workshops, choir, cooking classes, animal therapy, educational courses, and mentally engaging games. Physical therapists frequently supervise exercise programmes to help residents gain strength, improve mobility, and reduce falls.


Nursing homes, commonly known as skilled nursing facilities, are considered medical environments, whereas assisted living is largely residential. Residents will have access to varying levels of medical attention based on their particular needs, whereas medical care is available around the clock in a nursing home. Residents with chronic ailments are cared for by nursing staff.

You fit yourself with that selection once you’ve determined which form of facility best meets your demands. Artha assisted living offers 24-hour help with professional nurses and caregivers on each floor, catering to the elderly’s daily and emergency requirements. We have in-house Physiotherapists to provide the convenience of physiotherapy in the room or within the Artha Physiotherapy room.