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What is the difference between Memory Care, Dementia care and Alzheimer’s?

What exactly is Memory Care? Memory care is a type of specialist care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Communities are often secure locations where staff may regularly monitor inhabitants’ health. You’ll also find programmes, activities, & events to assist memory care residents in improving their mental abilities while also helping them to pursue their interests and activities. Staff are often highly educated to provide the excellent care required for seniors with memory loss.

How can assisted living benefit elders with memory care?

· 24/7 help, health monitoring, and doctor visits are all available.

· Skilled personnel to handle all duties and meals. Our team handles responsibilities like laundry & housekeeping while also giving assistance throughout the day, such as during meals, medicine administration, bathing, and other activities. Additionally, your loved one will benefit from a supporting dining experience that incorporates dementia-friendly menus, individualised assistance all through meals, and constant seating to enhance familiarity.

· In-house activities to keep seniors interested. Residents can also enjoy time outdoors safely, whether strolling or gardening, thanks to our protected outdoor spaces.

· Apartments at assisted living complexes are designed to appear and function like private homes, with restrooms and abundant natural light. This makes our members feel more secure and comfortable when they move into a home.

What is the difference between memory care, dementia care & Alzheimer?

Dementia is a terrible mental illness caused by brain injury or disease that impairs one’s capacity to think, remember, and conduct properly. Memory care is often less involved than dementia care. It’s appropriate to think of memory care as the first step of dementia treatment, whereas “dementia care” concentrates on elderly people who have been medically diagnosed with the disorder and are in the later stages of the condition.

Memory care concentrates on neurodegenerative illnesses that impair memory, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. “Dementia” is a generic term that refers to a deterioration in brain function that occurs with age. Still, Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder that is the major cause of dementia among the elderly.

As your dear one joins memory care at Artha Assisted Living, they will receive the best amenities you would anticipate from an assisted living facility and a tailored care plan exclusively focused on memory care. Memory care necessitates a distinct set of professional skills than ordinary elder care, so selecting the correct care team is critical if your loved one requires memory care or dementia care.

When an aged person receives memory care early enough, it may lessen the requirement for dementia care later on. Dementia can progress and impair an elder’s life more acutely if memory impairment is left untreated for too long or if an elder doesn’t get the continuing care required to handle a memory condition properly. The onset of early indications of a memory disorder can be disruptive to everyday life. Still, fully diagnosed dementia usually carries multiple additional dangers and medical concerns that necessitate more conservative treatment.

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia. As Alzheimer’s condition worsens, a person with memory loss demands more one-on-one care and assistance. Some families want to keep their dear ones at home, so anyone with Alzheimer’s or dementia will necessitate 24-hour care in a monitored facility.


Finding the perfect assisted living with memory care for your senior loved ones might be emotionally and physically exhausting. You also face the additional challenge of choosing an appropriate programme for them if they suffer from a memory disorder or are suffering from dementia. ARTHA Assisted Living is one of the finest with its first-rate features. You and your family are welcome to come to the elderly home at a convenient time and date to experience how ARTHA Assisted Living caters for the elderly. You can visit the facilities in person or phone +91 xxxxxxxxxx to learn about the facilities and care services provided by the seniors’ health‐care living facility.