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Is It Time for Assisted Living? Make An Informed Decision

As you age, you might discover that you take on the “Family Care-giver” responsibility. This role may begin with simple duties like providing transportation to and from appointments, but if your loved one’s demands alter, it may develop into more. Most families want to ensure that their elderly loved one is content, protected, and secure at the end of the day. However, as the situation of that loved one changes, caretakers could question whether this is the wisest course of action.

Seniors from this generation have developed a reputation for being fiercely independent. Many seniors are reluctant to acknowledge they need additional support, even though families want to think their elderly loved ones will let them know when they need it. Even though something may not be, they will likely claim that everything’s “okay.”

When the family employs an in-home nurse to help with daily maintenance and other tasks, a senior can sometimes thrive living independently. Nevertheless, changing their health or overall situation can mean they need more assistance. A change might be necessary under these conditions. For many, moving into an assisted living facility can be a wise decision to enhance one’s quality of life.

A Senior Needs Assisted Living If…

A senior’s health and ability to care for their house rarely deteriorate overnight night. Even if the signals are less than evident, there are virtually always indications that they are having difficulty:

  • Untidy clothing, unclean or unruly hair, or unpleasant body odour are signs that a clean person neglects their personal hygiene.
  • The older adult appears shaky, standing up from a seated position or walking. They may even be sitting down more often to prevent falls.
  • The senior unintentionally gains or loses weight frequently due to a poor diet or trouble preparing meals, which is generally an early symptom of mobility issues.
  • There are conspicuous piles of unopened mail or past-due notices throughout the house. Financial difficulties are another indication of a struggle.
  • Another issue is medication errors or missed deadlines for prescription refills. To determine whether they are on schedule, count the remaining pills in the bottle and compare them to the date.

It might be challenging to know when and how to start such a topic, but there are a few signals to watch for in your loved one that suggests a change is probably necessary.


Every problem has a solution! Numerous services are available to assist you and your loved one if you check off all the boxes and are concerned about them. If you need professional assistance, go to your local doctor, but if they require care and support 24/7 health monitoring , we are here to help. With its first-rate amenities, ARTHA Assisted Living is among the best.

You and your parents are welcome to visit the elderly home at a time and date that works for you to see how ARTHA Assisted Living cares for the elderly. You can visit the facility in person or give call +91 9910779703 to learn more about the amenities of the senior citizen care services living facility and the care services offered.