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Safe Senior-Friendly Activities For Summer

“I believe that health is more than merely the absence of disease. It is a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being” – Dr Frank Lipman.

With the fun activities, warmth, and sunlight that summer offers, taking a morning stroll or spending time with the family on a beautiful lawn in the late afternoon sun are proven mood boosters. Every season offers different opportunities to create memories and spend time with family and friends.

It enhances one’s health in many ways, in addition to simply providing a breath of fresh air; this is just one of the causes why experts suggest seniors and the elderly engage in some outside activities. Exercise outdoors, or even just taking in the surroundings, keeps the mind active and the spirit upbeat.

Here are six easy outdoor activity suggestions that every senior would adore:

Experience the Lovely Outdoors 

Walking in the early morning dew or relaxing in the late afternoon on a calm day can be pretty enjoyable. Keeping in mind their physical limitations, caregivers can participate in enjoyable physical activities with the elderly, such as exploring smoothly paved paths to prevent falls or, if necessary, accommodate wheelchair accessibility. They can also accompany the elderly on a stroll around the neighbourhood.

The elderly’s physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive health also depends on participating in social activities and interacting with their neighbours, like at the ARTHA Assisted Living facility. With occasional special community activities, especially around holidays or special occasions like New Year’s, ARTHA makes this feasible for the elderly. These facilitate intergenerational connections, satisfying seniors’ high sense of belonging on the grounds of the ARTHA home.

  • Take A Shopping Excursion

There are many unique places to visit, for example, shopping centres, indoor thrift shops, flea markets, grocery stores, party supply businesses, etc. There is a lot to see, so spending at least an hour looking about the shop is simple. For readers, visiting book stores with well-known writers can be another fun outdoor pastime.

  • Groom the Garden

For older folks, gardening is a sensory-stimulating activity. Seniors can interact with nature and reclaim their feeling of self and pride by working with plants. Activities for seniors in nursing homes and retirement communities, as well as those with dementia or Alzheimers care home are booming.

Choosing alternatives that need little upkeep or are maintained in pots that are simple to access will enable seniors who have restricted mobility to participate in the project, even if they need some caregiver assistance. Older people will delight in utilising homegrown herbs in their cooking or watching their plants thrive and brighten their living space.

  • Watch a movie in a theatre.

One can feel refreshed after watching a movie. It enables people to unplug, unwind, and enjoy themselves. To help people face their concerns, film therapy may employ scenes from or complete films. It aids individuals in becoming conscious of their fears so that they can take steps to overcome them. Many films’ themes can help people become aware of their issues by identifying and empathising with them.

  • Snack on Seasonal Treats

Who doesn’t enjoy having a cup of chai and some snacks while watching the rain? Or eating some snacks and lemonade while relaxing on a breezy afternoon might be fun. An ideal plan for spending time exploring in the kitchen and eating a light snack is in colder lodgings, with sunlight coming in through the window.

  • Visit A Museum

A museum or aquarium is one of the ideal settings for leisurely enjoyment. The loved ones will feel at home in the vast, air-conditioned spaces as they explore the exhibits and discover new things. Senior discounts are standard, and elders who use wheelchairs are welcome at many museums and aquariums.


No senior, regardless of their history, is ever made to feel uncomfortable at ARTHA Luxury Elderly Home, and we make sure they swiftly and quickly adapt to their new surroundings. At ARTHA, we recognise that every senior has different needs, especially those with certain medical conditions.

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