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Assessments & aspects for discerning the right time to enroll in an assisted living facility

Is there a right time to move to an assisted facility

Navigating the situation and circumstances often leads to elders moving to a senior care facility. Moving from your home to a senior care home is always challenging. However, there always arises a time or circumstance when it becomes essential for their benefit to move to a facility where they can be better monitored. So, let’s study this in more depth. 

Introduction: One uncertainty adult children may grapple with is how to tell when the time is right for their parents to move to an assisted living facility. Because assisted living communities offer many benefits that improve the mental and physical well-being of our loved ones, let’s study some signs and benefits for them to make this transition. 

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Signs that seniors may require Assisted living. 

  • The elderly individual is experiencing a fall or having several close calls.
  • The elderly individual is requiring assistance keeping up with routine chores.
  • The elderly individual is making mistakes with finances or falling victim to scams.
  • The elderly is facing regular problems with staying on track with medication schedules or forgetting to order refills.
  • They require assistance during meals, which if ignored can result in poor nutrition.
  • The elderly individuals have a challenging time even bathing, which affects their appearance.
  • Senior citizen care services: In general the elderly individual may require some assisted living or care. 

Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

While there can be a variety of red flags that indicate an older adult might not be safe living alone in their home, it isn’t a good idea to wait until a senior reaches that point. Searching for a senior living facility in the midst of crises can be stressful. So, by choosing to make a move before any emergency arises, an elderly person can benefit in a number of ways. 

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  • Environment: An assisted living community is designed with senior safety in mind. It is equipped with features such as an emergency call system, fire prevention program, accessible bathroom, etc.
  • Socialization: Loneliness and isolation are linked to a decline in health among older people. Feeling alone can contribute to depression, unintended weight loss or gain, loss of core strength, diabetes and cardiac disease. In assisted living facilities, elders can indulge in fun activities like art, fitness classes, or even card clubs, keeping them busy and healthy. As a five star old age home, incorporation of socialization plays a heavy role in our daily schedule implemented on individuals within our facility. 
  • Nutrition: Depending on the community, senior people usually enjoy various in-house dining options, from quick bistros to more formal restaurant-type meals. However, once they are sick or are not keeping well, it becomes crucial for them to follow a nutrition- and protein-based diet regularly. Senior home care facilities ensure this at all times.
  • Medication Management: Care providers working in the facility will also monitor and follow up on the elderly’s medication routines. They can assist with dosage time, order refills, and watch for adverse reactions. This practice brings peace of mind not just to the elderly living in senior care facilities but also to their families back home.

Conclusion: While we have covered the importance and benefits of moving to a senior care home facility, choosing which facility is suitable for our loved ones can be challenging. But Artha Assisted Living comes equipped with all the facilities and amenities required for seniors with health and medical conditions to ensure a safe environment and a community where they can make new friends and lead a positive lifestyle, including as an Alzheimer care home.