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+91-: 9910779703 | | Gurugram, Sector 53

+91-: 9910779703
| Gurugram, Sector 53

Artha: Means Not only an Elderly Sweet Home but a Care Center


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. – Leo Buscaglia

Every human has unique needs at different ages of life. The elderly need to be attended to and cared for the most. At Artha, we combine all aspects that make senior citizens happy in a like-minded community with personal Dementia care home .

A home is where the heart, soul, and mind stay at peace and tranquillity. What makes a home is not just the premises but the care, comfort, and amenities one receives. While the younger ones can manage all these aspects, the elderly need more day care center for old age and attention, especially those with ailments or dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

How is Artha more than just a home for the elderly?

  • Personalized housekeeping and staff.

Artha provides a 24 x 7 round-the-clock quick attending service by a battery of trained and verified staff. They are uniformed and have the essential skill set in caring for the elderly. They are just a press of a button away for the elderly. You can expect a response within a few moments, if not seconds.

  • Round-the-clock professional healthcare service.

Artha deeply understands the different medical needs of the elderly. Artha provides all under one roof, and the specific and concerned doctor for any particular ailment or health problem is only a few minutes away.

  • Tailored rooms are specific to the elderly.

Every minute detail is taken care of, such as the bathroom anti-slip floor, toilet seat side railing for ease, shower side railing, emergency button in the bathroom, and the main room, among others.

  • A community of like-minded elderly residents.

Only the elders stay here, so a healthy and like-minded community is 


  • Events and interactive programs for liveliness and great interactions.

The celebration of events and functions comes with joy and engagement of the elderly, organized by Artha Management. 

  • In-house physiotherapy. 

The homely premises includes a physiotherapy room. This has a new setup and an ambiance that is managed by a leading therapist.  

  • Essential medical records are maintained. 

All elderly occupants have their medical records informed and updated at the Artha reception. This is to immediately respond to any unforeseen contingency and call the appropriate doctor to attend. 

  • A common area.

This is a particular common area where the elderly can sit, relax and interact with one another. They can walk a bit as well. Tea, coffee, and biscuits can be served here. 

  • A specific longue for visitors and meetings. 

There is a lounge / a comfortable AC drawing room on the ground level for visitors to sit and meet. 

  • Premises designed for wheelchair maneuverability. 

The wheelchair can be moved around the premises for any urgency or as needed. Ramps are there for smooth movement. 

  • A specialized kitchen and fresh and healthy food menu.

Artha has a big kitchen area that is highly hygienic and clean. Cooks prepare food according to the healthiness and freshly cooked needs of the elderly. 


Artha, provides an Alzheimers care home assured assisted living for the elderly. It endeavors to take care of the smallest detail in the best interest and care of the elderly. To know more and to get first-hand information and a direct feel of the homely environment, you may visit on a day and time of your convenience. For more information and directions, please call +91 9910779703.

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