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Taking Care of Your Elders with Alzheimer’s, Far from Home- A Guide

You know what they say about pain, you can only feel it when you’re in the shoes of the one who feels it. Having a foggy memory of every event in your life’s timeline, mixing up facts with delusions, and erasing people you once loved are all unfortunate aspects of it while dealing with it among an alike community with caregivers is what makes it a little better. While children can’t always be present with their parents, finding a suitable paid luxury old age home for the ones you care about can mimic the comfort and caretaking of a household, or even beyond in terms of skills and professionalism.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s is a chronic, progressive disease that causes brain cells to degenerate and die off. First described in 1906 by Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist, it is categorized to be incurable, yet an early diagnosis can affect life expectancy. It occurs in 3 stages, as the disease progressively gets worse running through each.

Starting from memory loss to irregularity in sleeping patterns, the brain cells are engulfed with more damage each passing day until episodes of confusion, memory lapses, losing control over bowel movements, and a total loss of speech occur. The pace of this stage depends a lot on how good the treatment, the caretaking, and the patience in communication are.

So, what are you supposed to do far from home, if your parents are diagnosed with AD?

·        Get Your Parent Involved in Numerous Activities

·        Make Sure There’s a 24/7 Care

·        Become the Pillar of Strength

·        Keep Conversation Amped Up

·        Pack Plenty of Patience

·        Help Your Parent Stay Social

·        Join Support Groups

·        Keep Dangerous Things Away

·        Consider Assisted Living

Who can you trust to do it all, if not you?

The elderly with Alzheimer’s requires much more Alzheimer’s care and attention than others as the condition progresses, often with less scope for improvement of this condition in old age for many elders. Only skilled and trained caregiver staff are able to address this duty and responsibility, and it has to be done wholeheartedly.

At Artha, we facilitate Alzheimer’s care home services for people in their old age. The holistic approach of our caregivers, professional hospitable staff, and housekeeping personnel ensures patient-specific assistance to the elderly with Alzheimer’s at our premises.

Our Approach- Assisted Living Delhi

Our Alzheimer’s rehabilitation assistance is part of the personalised senior citizen care services for those with Alzheimer’s. Covering the mental wellness watch and monitoring aspect as closely as possible, we try to fulfil the verbal communication with the maximum possibility to fill the void of home.

Our discreet care proves the highest quality of living under the condition of Alzheimer’s with in-house and visiting specialist doctors. We ensure their daily routines of proper meals and sleep stays undisturbed while addressing mood swings and enabling essential day and night tasks such as waking up, moving, clothing, and toiletry.

Artha, the five-star old age home, encourages interaction by surrounding our patients with a homely community of pure joy so the healing lifestyle blooms in haste.