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The Impact of Neglecting Pre- and Post-Surgery Care in Old Age

They say a man is fragile twice, in the beginning and towards the end. It’s when a person needs the utmost care, attention, and love. However, it is also the time when the slightest mistake becomes unrecoverably damaging, for we’re more prone to outer disturbances, internal conflict, and a larger impact for the tiniest negligence. Regarding old age, physical, spiritual, and emotional support are the anchors of good health, the prime priority at that age.

Yet home falls short when a clinical surgery is introduced to prolong life, for the pre- and post-operative care is extremely essential, the criteria of which our family members might be a little unaware, and daycare center for old age would not always be up to the standard for.


What happens if it is neglected?

·   For the psychological preparation of a patient, pre-surgery care is essential to alleviate most of their fears, or they would stay unaware of what repercussions they’re supposed to be prepared for.

·   Some people want all the data, while others prefer only minimal information because too much knowledge may increase their anxiety. This control of the extent of instruction is necessary, and usually only understood by professionals in a place for senior citizen care services.

·   Assessment for risk factors that might impair the patient’s healing, such as nutritional deficiencies, steroid use, radiation or chemotherapy, drug or alcohol abuse, or metabolic diseases such as diabetes as well as anaesthesia concern, which can cause troubles if not discussed prior.

·   Bowel clearance may be ordered if the patient is having surgery on the lower gastrointestinal tract. The preparation for the same starts early the evening before surgery to prevent interrupted sleep during the night. The procedure for it shouldn’t be vague or neglected before the operation.

·   The skin preparation regarding shaving or scrubbing is essential as well, or it may cause serious infections.

·   Patients who are mentally impaired, heavily sedated, or critically ill are not considered legally able to give consent and thus need much more repeated and patient explanations, something only medical professionals are prepared for.

·   Lastly, for emergency situations, hospitals at easy reach are important, like Artha Senior Care, a paid luxury old age home that is located in a surrounding of hospitals.


Typical discomforts Post Surgery includes:

1.     Nausea and vomiting

2.     Sore throat (caused by the tube placed in the windpipe for breathing during surgery)

3.     Soreness, pain, and swelling around the incision

4.     Restlessness and sleeplessness

5.     Constipation and gas

Why is it necessary?

·       Shock possibility – a severe drop in blood pressure causing a dangerous reduction of blood flow throughout the body.

·       Breathing exercises and ventilation

·       Giving intravenous (IV) fluids or blood

·       Prescribing medicines, for example, to raise blood pressure

·       Haemorrhage possibility

·       Pulmonary embolism- Formation of blood clots

·       Urinary retention

·       Practicing muscular exercises to prevent jammed joints

All of this needs to be taken care of by 24/7 supervision under professional medical experts, often absent at home.

The preparation and management of a patient prior to surgery, whether it is physiological, psychological, or medical is for a better surgical outcome, as the individualized curation of the precision of information, care, and medical assistance to be given. This is what Artha Senior Care with professional physiotherapists and nurses specialises in, apart from being one of the luxury old age homes in Gurgaon.