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The Physiotherapeutic Welfare- Exploring its Need in Old Age

A surge in the Indian population has brought about a hike in the need for age-specific healthcare solutions, with a notable uprise in senior citizen care services specifically. Not only do we aim to increase the mortality rate for the elderly threshold, but also give them happier lives they willingly want to continue living. With weakening knees and drooping shoulders, the most crucial fixture has been found in the holistic approach of Physiotherapy, a way of living your golden years with enhanced mobility, less pain, and overall well-being.


1) Joint Pain

Connecting bones with the body, bearing your weight, and providing the correct support during movement comes to a halt if injuries, inflammation of the lining of the joint, hemarthrosis, arthritis, STDs and gout interfere.

2) Generalized Weakness

Degenerative changes that come with age result in poor muscle tone, stiff joints etc. Some of its common causes are flu, thyroid disease, anaemia, depression, lack of sleep, undiagnosed diabetes, congestive heart failure and medication side effects.

3) Postural Instability

The condition of inability to maintain an upright position, the imbalance and loss of righting reflexes required to maintain a posture is called Postural Instability.

4) Balance Impairment

Loss of normal functioning of muscles and bones caused due to arthritis and orthostatic hypotension causes balance impairment as well as numbness in feet and legs, eye problems, blood circulation problems and intake of multiple medicines.

All of these if left unattended without the consultation of physiotherapy seniors in Gurgaon, available at Artha Senior Care, a luxurious day care centre for old age, with the most skilled physiotherapy assistance around Delhi NCR.


1.      Enhanced Mobility and Independence

2.      Pain Management and Reduction

3.      Prevention of Falls and Injuries

4.      Improved Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

PHYSIOTHERAPY AT ARTHA- The Assisting Living Delhi

Encompassing a broad spectrum of therapeutic techniques, including post-surgery rehab for seniors, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and electrotherapy, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens, Artha ensures the reattainment of mobility, confidence, and independence under our specialist Doctors of Physiotherapy.

The In-house physiotherapy at Artha facilitates a one-on-one session with the elderly in a homely, comfortable yet royal environment.

DR. NEHA MITTAL/ Physiotherapist

With 21 years of clinical experience and being honoured with the award of Best Physiotherapist Consultant in Delhi and NCR consecutively for 3 years, Dr. Neha Mittal is known for treating critical and challenging cases and has achieved a success ratio of nearly 99%.
A Post Graduate in Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Certified Kinesio Taping Therapist, Qualified Mulligan mobilisation practitioner, and Thera Band Trainer, she is determined to utilise her vast experience & extensive knowledge in the Assessment, Diagnosis, Counselling, and Treatment of Orthopaedic, Post-Surgical, Neurological, Pediatric, Gynaecological, Cardiopulmonary, Sports Physiotherapy, Lifestyle and Obesity conditions.
Treating the root cause of the problem, Artha Senior Care believes in the cruciality of physiotherapy and its relevance in elderly care, so we never let you live a life of agony.