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+91-: 9910779703 | | Gurugram, Sector 53

+91-: 9910779703
| Gurugram, Sector 53

The Transitional Procedure at Artha Senior Care- To New Beginnings

“For those that planted seeds of the trees they would not enjoy the shade of, we provide a chance at meaningful and cherished living”

At Artha, we stick to the firm belief that age does not define your standard of living or justify its degradation. With our senior citizen care services, we make sure our guests get the meaningful and comfortable standards of living they deserve. Thus, we found Artha Assisted Living Delhi with a streamlined focus on providing high-quality luxury living to the seniors who put their trust in us. With a safe and welcoming environment, we carefully validate our facilities for a secure living environment for all our residents, thereby freeing them of every little worry.


Artha, one of the top luxury old age homes in Gurgaon, aims at the smoothest transition of each adaptation level from arriving at Artha’s home premises, to blending in with the Artha family like salt in warm water. We cement the idea of holistic emotional, physical and social well-being of the ones who once sacrificed everything for their families to flourish and abide by any decision made in favour of the elderly in our five-star old age home. We answer all your queries, elaborate and explain and provide hands-on experience of how we serve and care at the Artha home. All aspects of Artha’s home premises features and facilities are reassured- to build that trust and confidence.

We wholly realise the importance of quality home-like care in an elderly’s daily life and thus our care programs are patient-personalized to fulfil all their needs. The care programs are managed by our team of expert medical professionals in their respective fields and are well respected amongst their professional peers. Our well-designed care plans allow our residents to be well-engaged in other aspects of their daily life, whether it is socializing or exercising. Along with great state-of-the-art infrastructure, medically polished skills, and all necessary amenities, we also invest in and incorporate newer technologies to provide our residents with a meaningful quality of life.


·       Contact Us

Reach us to understand our approach, our working methodology, the way we serve and how Artha truly is a home away from your home for your parent.

·       Viewing/ Site Visit

Visit the Artha Senior Care Centre in Gurgaon and examine the accommodation, operations, management, caregivers, medical professionals, and facilitations.

·       Decide

Receive all the assistance you need from our consulting and medical teams in and advisory role to help you in the decision-making process.

·       Resident Assessment

A thorough discussion and medical assessment of the resident’s preferences and needs can help us customize their living care plan.

·       Finalizing Living Plans

After the finalization of fees and service plan, we execute the Service Agreement.

·       Prepping for the Move-in

We plan out and arrange all the necessary arrangements to help the transition be as smooth and obstruction-free as possible.

·       The Day of Moving

Advisors and caregivers all help the resident move in, settle down and adapt to their surroundings.

·       Stay Informed

Snapshots and documents of activities, medical reports and handling of emergencies is regularly communicated to you for all the updates.