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Un-generalizing the Needs of the Elderly Community- Specific Palliative Care in Old Age

With the evolution of the world in technological, socio-economical, and emotional terms, the needs of the increasing population have been diversified yet neglected for the most part.

The generalisation of people under the question of what one needs has often been categorised into- Bread, clothes, and shelter ignoring the basic dignity and care an individual yearn for, especially along the lines of old age. With age comes various physical and emotional challenges and the assurance of a place they can call home and adequately fulfil their needs, especially those who require extra care due to mobility or psychological challenges.

What is Palliative Care for the elderly?

In elderly, Palliative Care refers to improving the quality of life for every old age person in need of support, assistance, and guidance. It prevents and relieves the suffering associated with severe illness, lack of company, or medical assistance as a treatment of all physical, psychological, or spiritual problems.

Often found missing at a daycare center for old age, addressing pain involves taking care of issues beyond physical needs. Palliative care uses a team approach to support patients and their caregivers. This includes addressing practical needs, providing counselling, and surrounding them with a homogenous alive community.

Why is it necessary?

Designed to be person-centred and integrated health services to serve specific requirements of preferences of people, it becomes a necessity of end-of-life care for parents and relatives who fall short of the physical presence of their loved ones due to circumstances.

Just as a place dedicated to being an Alzheimer’s care home should have much more availability of special care services than a place merely for senior citizen care services.

Everything from modifications in the infrastructure to the availability of facilities or the extent of assistance needed by a patient is based on their particular case and needs.

A person with mobility issues would require Assisted Living Services whereas someone with a sound mind and body would need Independent Living Services, and a blend of all of these in one place resides in Artha Senior Care, one of the best luxury old age homes in Gurgaon.

ARTHA SENIOR CARE- The Five-Star Old Age Home

With the provision of Palliative Care and much more to cement the emotional and physical pillars of the elderly along with a luxuriously holistic environment, Artha Senior Care takes the initiative of playing the pivotal role in bridging the gap between lack of and provision of quality palliative services in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

With a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and counsellors, Artha Senior Care provides wholesome, high-quality care by offering various services, such as pain management, symptom control, emotional support, and spiritual care, all aimed at improving the patient’s quality of life and relieving the worries of their family.

The necessity of Palliative Care in India hence is far away from being where it should be, which is an integral part of the healthcare system, which we’re consistently striving for.