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What it feels like to lose your memories at 70- An Outlook of Dementia

‘I got diagnosed and I went into absolute depression and guilt, lost all my confidence and all my self-worth. The guilt I felt because I’d put my family in this position.’

These are the words of a person with dementia, understanding what it feels like to be losing your entire identity at the pace of an ounce each day. Looping around a collection of varied symptoms that seem unrelatable, Dementia makes a person feel like their brain is leaving them, like it is running through a clenched fist and there is nothing they can do about it while it also refuses to register any new trespassing element or data. As another patient said in an interview, ‘I won’t answer the phone and I don’t answer the door unless there is somebody coming who I know.’

Dementia is not itself a disease, it is a collection of symptoms such as confusion, memory loss, and being unable to follow a conversation. Searching for a Dementia care home Delhi NCR, know what it comes with and where is it handled the best.


·       Physical symptoms like difficulty walking, tremors, and slower pace due to disbalance

·       Memory loss and poor judgment

·       Difficulty speaking, understanding, and expressing thoughts

·       Difficulty with reading and writing

·       Wandering and getting lost in a familiar neighbourhood

·       Trouble handling money responsibly and paying bills

·       Repeating questions

·       Using unusual words to refer to familiar objects

·       Taking longer to complete normal daily tasks

·       Losing interest in normal daily activities or events

·       Acting impulsively

·       Not caring about other people’s feelings

·   Dementia-related pain

·       Confusion– Makes the person feel it’s another date and time, believing someone who has passed away is still alive, or finding that previously familiar environments are now alien to them

Prior knowledge of these symptoms of Dementia is necessary to be able to provide quick aid and comfort, with enough patience to be able to cope with the patient’s temper. For the most part, staying at home with a mental illness like this often worsens the situation, compared to staying under the supervision of caretakers, skilled enough to give proper support, like the ones at Artha Senior Care, the five-star old age home, a place you can rely on.


Seeing the world through their eyes, knowing everything yet unaware, sure of your favourite movie at the age of 5 but forgetting the man you’ve been meeting for five years now, it all feels like an itch you can’t scratch. For instance, they could become frustrated every time they’re led to the bathroom, not because they’re feeling guilty about ‘being difficult’, but because something like going to the toilet feels uncomfortable or it could be that their visual perception has changed to the extent that the blue tiled floor looks like water and they’re concerned that they might get wet or drown.


From emergency buttons placed in washrooms and near beds to the availability of wheelchairs and community gatherings for active participation, Artha Senior Care, one of the top luxury old age homes in Gurgaon justifies itself to be the best at taking care of the elderly who feel like their life is a blank page after years of living. We care, we nurture and we assist for a better life.