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Where can you Socialize at 65?- The Cruciality of Elderly Communities

When our kids grow up and our relatives are gone, when all we have and feel is the silent loneliness that engulfs us in a clench tighter than the day before, when we forget what our own voice sounds like because we haven’t talked in so long, that is when we realise the essentiality of social interaction, the importance of having a shoulder to lean on when our knees are aching and eyesight is weakening. This is when we consider homogenous communities in a day care centre for old age, and rethink our lives at 65.


·   Improved Emotional Health

Involving oneself in social activities can help flick off the wrenching isolation and loneliness – two issues seniors may face if they aren’t socially engaged. Activities in a community gathering help build connections with others and improve their mood. Discussions, singing, and dancing together are all opportunities to gather, often found in places offering senior citizen care services.

·   Better Cognitive Function

Socialising sharpens memory skills as staying engaged in keeping up conversations with friends helps build connections in a person’s mind that can improve cognitive function. While in-person socialising like in a paid luxury old age home is ideal, virtual social activities, like FaceTime calls, work the same as well.

·   Physical Health Benefits

Health benefits such as lower risk for certain diseases like cardiac arrest and diabetes come as a boon to the ones who interact in a lively environment. Social activities often include opportunities such as group exercise classes or sipping tea sessions or going on an evening stall together. This helps older people to develop a healthier lifestyle.

·   Improved Immune System

Social activities have been tied to having a stronger immune system, to fight off seasonal colds and the flu better.

·   Promotes Positive Interactions and Relationships

Meaningful friendships and bonds are treasured at every stage of life, and making some helps us stay positive and happy, which in turn keeps us mentally happy.


Once your parents are retired and done with their household responsibilities, it is your duty to take care of their mental, emotional, cognitive functions and physical well-being as well as their engagement in social activities and mixing with their community, such as at the Artha Assisted Living Delhi home promises. On occasions like New Year or other special days or festivities, we enable interactions among the elderly, a strong belonging need with their age group and other elderly at Artha Senior Care.

Fun games, interactions, laughter, dining, and making new friends- that’s the aim of these Community Events at Artha. To mention some of the types of activities that Artha, the apex of the luxury old age homes in Gurgaon, engages in for its elderly to keep them occupied, engaged, and happy are events, festival celebrations, special day observances, in-door games, meditation, social gatherings, and chitchat area over tea, among others. A way to refresh and rekindle the zest of life in their golden hearts!