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Are we Neglecting our Parents? The Emotional and Social Well-being of elderly


This is may sound like a serious or worrisome question: are we neglecting our parents?

Some children are able to realize that they may be neglecting their old parents while some may not get the signal, especially in their emotional and social wellbeing matters. So, every child needs to introspect and be conscious of their old parents’ emotional and social well-being needs.

Arranging social and physical care is among the best things you can do for your parents so that they do not feel neglected in their old age, when you are far away on travel or in a posting or at work in a distant place.

Signs when your parents may be getting neglected

Many old parents often feel neglected and every elderly could be feeling so for different reasons. Some could be that they do not have anyone around them to talk to or take care of them. This can have an impact on your emotional and social wellbeing, and ultimately could also harm their physical health condition.  

How to take care of the emotional and social wellbeing of the elderly

–          Your parents need someone to talk to, and interact with, preferably with those in the same age group as them. Of course, your phone calls to them make them feel happy, but a social gathering or a face-to-face interaction has a far greater impact that can take care of their emotional and social well-being and needs. 

–          Associate your old parents with an elderly care home like Artha Assisted Living . This will give them a homely feeling and they will be surrounded by the same age group elderly persons.

–          The caregivers and hospitable staff at Artha are trained, seasoned and experienced in the sphere of caring for the elderly.

–          Social interactions and gatherings especially at events that are carried out for the elderly can divert their mind from any sort of loneliness or monotony. Your parents will inculcate a feeling of belonging which adds to emotional and social wellbeing.

–          Empathy plays a role too. The caregivers get involved in day-to-day activities and social with the old parents, especially when they need it the most. The Artha elderly home care home is tailored in such a way that every important aspect is kept within the premises, such as socializing area, and dining area, among others. There is an in-house well-equipped physiotherapy room as well.

–          Safety needs are taken care of helps strengthen a sense of emotional and social stronghold.


You need to ensure that your parents are not getting neglected in their old age. Many parents suffer silently and often feel suffocated which may be due to their getting inadequate emotional and social needs.

Even when you know that your parents are best-taken care of for their emotional and social needs, you must remain in constant contact through phone calls or visits. To understand how Artha Assisted Living takes care of the elderly, you and or your parents can pay a visit to the elderly home at a date and time convenient.

To know more about the features of the elderly home and the care services provided, you may visit the premises or can call at +91 9910779703.

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