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How can you help the caregiver to help your Parents


In the fast-paced, modern-day lives, in both spheres – professional and personal, many children are often unable to give enough attention, time and care to their old parents. There can be multiple reasons for this, such as being away from them for work, or travel, among other reasons. Often children are helpless and dependent on others to look after their parents.

Caregivers are closest to your parents when you are away in terms of thier physical and mental attendance. Caretakers have multiple roles to play, especially on your behalf, whether giving time, taking care of medicines, or eating habits, among others.

Following are some ways you can help the caregiver to help your parents

·       Keep in touch or constant contact.

When you message or call your parent’s caregiver, this gesture makes him or her feel your concern and appreciation. It further encourages the caregiver to stay connected and motivated to attend to your parents with care.

– Help them maintain any care plan for your parents. Keeping the caregiver informed about your parents’ history of physical and mental health can position the caregiver in a better way to care accordingly. This way, you are also joining hands with the caregiver, which may make some things easier for him or her, and ultimately attending to and providing the best care to your parents.

·       Think from the perspective of the caregiver. Caregivers are humans, and they also have needs. Keep them motivated, listen to them, and in this manner, you are a child who will also be able to gauge how well and how much effort a caregiver is giving to attend to your parents. It would help if you appreciated it.

–       Build confidence with the caregiver. In a sense, you should act like a distant partner to the caregiver and make him or her feel that it is a joint effort to care for the elderly parents.

·       Check back with the caregiver from time to time. It should not appear as if you are contacting the caregiver for an extended period of time. Wishing and sending greetings, especially on special occasions, adds to building a good rapport.


We must not just be recipients but givers! We must not just be keepers but donors! Giving brings relief, and sharing enlightens the heart. Caring joins and showing love is life. It is never enough to acquire all acquisition. It is never enough to have all our ambitions. We must endeavor to give for giving out of a true heart is true love and true love is life.

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

The best thing you can do for the caretaker of your parents is to make them feel unique from time to time. They should be neglected or deserted at any time, and they should never feel like that. You have to be a part of the care journey along with

the caretaker, even if you are overseas or in a different city or location. 

Artha Assisted Living has trained, seasoned, experienced caregivers and the most hospitable staff that work round the clock, 24 x 7, to take care of your parents with the closest attention. To feel, experience and to know more about these caretakers that make them so special, call Artha Assisted Living  at +91 9910779703. You may set up an appointment for a visit at a date convenient to you and your parents to come and feel the difference and the homely ambience.

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