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+91-: 9910779703
| Gurugram, Sector 53

The Best Elderly Care and Attention Under One Roof


“Embrace a caregiving perspective that looks forward to the years ahead with excitement rather than disenchantment.”


Those elderly who do not have a physical and emotional support system in place in their old age, need a home with all the basic facilities, amenities and personalized care needed to cater to their specific needs, especially in their emotional, physical and social needs and concerns. This is possible when every important aspect is provided under one homely premise. Get happiness under one roof for your elderly. 

What all details an assisted living for the elderly must-have…under one roof?

  • Trained, seasoned, experienced and hospitable staff.

Human touch and interaction make for a personal contact that is essentially important for the elderly. The concerns and needs of the elderly are best understood and taken care of by the trained, experienced and hospitable staff at the assisted living home premises. Important aspects like any daily or periodic medicines that need to be taken by the elderly are taken care of.  

  • The home premises should be elderly-friendly. 

Community living provides for catering to the social and emotional well-being of the elderly. A sense of belongingness develops over a period of time when the elderly start getting used to and making the new place their home. Ramps are provided for easy movement of the elderly and the wheelchair or stretcher. Other necessities like TV, TataSky connection, elder-friendly furniture, AC temperature control, balcony ventilation, etc. are common and need no mention. 

  • Physical and social care should be taken care of.

Every detail is taken care of at the premises in view of the elderly care, such as emergency or panic call button right near the elderly in their home. The staff should be extremely responsive, especially in case of a physical or health emergency. Social care of the elderly is taken care as they mingle with other like-minded elderly staying at the premises. Their participation at events and festivals makes for an enjoyable ambience and time.

  • Periodic physical and or mental check-ups.

Having doctors on board for periodic visits to the home premises of the elderly is one of the most important features that an elderly home can have. In case a particular elderly has some specific physical or emotional challenge, then the concerned doctor can be called in. Hospitals are in the vicinity too.

  • 24 x 7 / round-the-clock backup assistance. 

Whether it is day or night, quick assistance within seconds if not minutes, is the need of the hour in case of urgency. As mentioned above, there is a call button right next to the bed of the elderly. The bathroom is also modified as per the need of the elderly. 


Your parents need a home that provides all old-age services, facilities and amenities under one roof. It is packaged assisted living service that addresses all concerns of your elderly parents, and that they deserve. 

Artha Assisted Living provides a one-stop comprehensive premium solution to all the concerns and needs of the elderly, which provides complete residential care, where every team member, including the housekeeping, endeavours to make the elderly live life to the fullest by keeping them engaged and providing care, whether it is a short stay or a permanent home. To understand and learn more about all services and care is provided under one roof, call +91 9910779703.

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