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Combatting Depression in Ageing

Our seniors go through significant life changes that make them vulnerable to depression. It is definitely heartbreaking to stand by and see them deal with depression or loneliness. Although coping with depression can be tough, it is impossible to watch our elderly struggle with it. It is a serious mood disorder. You must know that although depression is a common issue among seniors, clinical depression is definitely not a normal part of ageing. In this article, Artha Senior Care brings you several helpful tips for combatting depression in ageing.

Tips To Help Seniors Deal With Depression

  1. Work On Sleeping Problems

Seniors who live alone are likely to develop sleeping issues that can aggravate depression. In order to avoid serious depressive episodes, make sure your elderly follow a regular sleep schedule and do not take daytime naps. If they are suffering from sundowning, ensure they are engaged in activities and taking the necessary medication.

  1. Encourage Social Interaction

Don’t let your elderly deal with depression alone. Encourage them to meet their friends and family, engage in group outings, and attend community events. It is a proven fact that an active social life enhances mental, physical, as well as emotional health. It is especially important for seniors who are struggling with depression and loneliness. 

  1. Develop A Sense Of Purpose

Struggling with depression is all the more difficult for those who have lost their sense of purpose in life. In order to keep depression and loneliness at bay, encourage your loved one to take up a hobby like gardening or knitting. You can also encourage them to engage in social pastime activities like yoga, card playing, or volunteer work for a charity.

  1. Keep Them Active Physically

Physical activities are a lifesaver for ageing people. Exercises like stair-climbing, walking, and age-appropriate workouts can significantly help your elder stay in great physical, emotional, and mental shape. You can also talk them into signing up for group exercise classes like yoga. 

  1. Make Sure They Follow A Healthy Diet

Managing an elder’s depression can be easy if you know what foods are right for them. Foods rich in fibre, such as vegetables and fruits, are essential for seniors, and the same goes for lean protein and whole grains. Serve them lightly cooked vegetables, and reduce their sugar, starch, and unhealthy fats intake.

  1. Show Them The Affection They Deserve

Love can heal even the deepest wounds. This being said, love can help keep an elder’s depression under control. Show that you love and cherish them, listen to them, and make them feel needed. Expressing love is especially important for widowed elders who need more affection and support to deal with grief.

At Artha Senior Care, we provide a nurturing, caring environment for the elderly where they are surrounded by people their age and engage in fun activities from time to time. Our caregivers and nurses are also friendly and know what the seniors need. So, if you are looking for luxury senior living in Gurgaon, get in touch with us today.