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Why data-driven care and insights can improve service models for assisted living.

Senior citizen care in India: facing a critical juncture due to massive incoming population, lack of facilities, as well as effective data and insights.

Senior citizen home care services:Senior citizen care is currently facing impending challenges and at a critical juncture in India. The geriatric population is increasing, and in the future projected to increase, with a projected influx of 350 million senior citizens in the year 2050. Requiring efforts that place a serious emphasis on strategies and care for senior citizens. Service models for assisted living can benefit from integration and data driven approaches, yielding various improvements & capabilities for the way assisted living facilities deal and treat senior citizens, ultimately enabling a higher quality of life and care:  

Data driven insights for geriatric care: Explanation: 
Customised care plan development: Through data driven insights there are developments for personalised care planning, the customised care plan development. Data driven insights and application also assist in developing specific solutions for assisted living populations and facilities. Aiding and improving models utilised in Senior citizen care services
Leveraging big data analytics yield novel insights: Analytics can yield novel insights and enable various assisted living facilities to incorporate recommendations. Through leveraging the distilled & generated insights analytics for senior citizens and those in assisted living. 
Utilising predictive capabilities and developing predictive analytics: With senior citizens, predictive capabilities apply for palliative care, utilising modelling and insights to understand the conditions of diseases, especially neurodegenerative disorders and their stages. For palliative care it would assist in servicing models revolving around the predicted conditions. 
Medical care, assisted living and palliative care are important application areas for data and analytics:Post surgery rehab care seniors: Leveraging data driven approaches and assisted living.
Establishing large data  records, data-sets: for future driving research: The establishment for large data sets for senior citizens and those enrolled in assisted living can contribute as drivers for future driven research. The senior citizen and assisted living population are particularly sought after for end of life research.
Integration with networks and research databases, care providers: Dementia care home Delhi-NCR: Data driven care for senior citizens and populations in assisted living facilities benefits from possibilities of integration in networks & research databases, care-providers. By integration and enabling operators to input and provide relevant knowledge,sharing of data and insights yield integration and provide entities in senior care to  co-ordinate and share knowledge, expertise and relevant components between one another. Thus providing access for solutions, advice, knowledge and data sets.
Real time data sharing models: Service models modified to accommodate real time data streams, are utilisable for various conditions in palliative care and healthcare:Management and tracking of vitals.Real time management of conditions such as diabetes and blood glucose levels.Service models incorporating real time management would reduce requirements of staff, eliminate interactions.
Developing new and novel designs for assisted living facilities: With data driven care, generating new and novel designs for architecture of assisted living facilities can occur. 

Data driven care and insights are a set of methodologies, continuously expanding and research, whose application has improved service models for assisted living. Artha is among the renowned luxury nursing homes in Gurgaon.